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The idea for SMARTIFUL grew out of a question: What is the best compliment a woman could hear?

Philip Galanes posed this question shortly after I had figured out the answer to the question- but I include his piece from the New York Times Social Q's column from February 18, 2016 because it illustrates perfectly the need for such a concept. 

Sidewalk 'Complements' :

Occasionally, a guy in the street signals that he needs my attention. So I take off my earphones to hear what he has to say. He could be looking for directions in the big city. But usually, it’s, “Excuse me, I just have to tell you how attractive you are.” This annoys me, as if my purpose in life is to be pretty. I get that no one likes rejection. So “Go away” is not a polite response. But “Thank you” sends the wrong message. I am not thankful. These comments ruin my groove. 

The bottom line for Galanes, and his reader and for me is that being called "hot" by a stranger isn't what we are really looking for. 

Galanes responds:

Many readers will see no harm in a compliment, particularly from a guy who is sincere. But he is not complimenting anything Alyssa has made (her new app) or even anything she’s chosen (her super-cute bootees). He is reducing a whole person — and rarely a man — to her looks. And if a compliment makes you feel bad, how good can it be?

So, for women (and men) like me, I believe the answer is SMARTIFUL.
Smartiful is a complement because it highlights your strengths- what makes you unique; it screams that you are beautiful because you measure yourself on WHAT'S INSIDE not just your appearance.
What are you full of? 
Are you Loving others fully?
Are you Living Life fully?