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New Year's Resolutions

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There’s something about this new year, as we kick off a new decade, that inspired me to set a resolution… for the first time. But making a resolution isn’t really the hard part, the real challenge is keeping it. There are a number of tips that experts offer this time of year to help us “follow through” on New Year’s resolutions. Apparently these tips aren’t heeded often enough since research 80% of us (US News and World Report) give up by about January 12 (Stravia).

My resolution might have already gone by the wayside if I hadn’t followed the advice of the American Psychological Association and decided to start small. My rough plan left room for additional steps to be added in the coming months, but the first step was to look for practical ways to literally “travel lighter.” I also intend to contemplate the metaphorical ways that I can travel lighter this year.  

The realization that I had committed to packing less led me to procrastinate by “de-cluttering” my bedroom, which was supposed to a later step in the literal application of my resolution. As a result, I arrived last the airport with five small bags for my first flight of the new year this week. 

At checkin I proudly shared that I was excited to be traveling light(er) as a part of my New Year’s resolution. The airline representative asked cheerfully and perhaps a touch sarcastically if I had flown their airline before. “Oh yes,” I replied. “Well,” she asked, “what is your plan.” 

I explained that one of the bags would fit smartly inside of my dog’s carrier once I took him out of it and that it could then be checked. It was already inside of another empty bag and that meant I had already made three small bags into one. The small roll-aboard suitcase would also be checked which left me with just one purse-sized carry on, a dog (actually two dogs, since the other was in the purse) and two checked bags.

As I collected my things in Oakland upon arrival, I recognized the looks on strangers’ faces as they marveled at my ability to balance my “lighter” load. How does she make it look so easy, they seemed to be asking themselves. I chuckled at myself and my baby-step toward traveling light. 

Why would I lug these things on an airplane, you might ask? What was so important that I needed all of those bags? Well, the short answer is stuff- a hodgepodge of readily available items. And it's time for me to not just travel with less stuff, it's time to buy less stuff and simplify.

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